Armenian duduk – the symbol of the nation’s rich heritage.

Duduk Instrument Care

Have you ever wondered about the origins of the hauntingly beautiful sound that is the duduk? Today, we delve deep into the history and the unique characteristics of this intriguing instrument. The story of the duduk begins in Armenia, where it was born out of the beautiful apricot wood indigenous to the region. This double reed […]

Accordion history and roots

About three thousand years ago, many countries of Southeast Asia created musical instruments with a similar sound extraction system. One of them, the Chinese sheng (sheng), has survived to this day. Virtually unchanged after centuries of use, the sheng caught the attention of European musicians and artisans after it was brought to Russia around 1770. […]

Duduk Instrument Care & Maintenance – An Essential Guide

Duduk Instrument Care

Have you just bought your first duduk? This ancient Armenian woodwind instrument has been used throughout the ages to convey emotion and captivate audiences, but it takes more than simply playing it to keep it sounding beautiful. Read on for some helpful tips on caring for your duduk. If you are still looking for buy […]

Armenian duduk – Your questions. Our answers.

Born in the early days of Armenian history, the duduk is known as the most “Armenian” of all folk instruments, because of its roots and its ability to represent the spirit of the Armenian people. The Armenian duduk is a double-reed woodwind musical instrument made of wild apricot wood, and it is indigenous to Armenia. […]

Gevorg Dabaghyan Concert

Recognised as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by Unesco since 2008, the duduk is a folk instrument with a warm, slightly nasal timbre and a strongly evocative sound, used to accompany both joyful and sad songs, dances and celebrations throughout Armenia. Some even say that the sound of the duduk is suggestive of the inflections of all the […]

5 Best Duduk Reviews 2023 – updated! (

The first instruments, which were look like duduk were made of bone, but in our days professional duduks made of apricot wood. The duduk’s reeds are typically produced of bamboo. It is not easy process of flattening the reed. It takes several days until it is ready. In comparison to other double reed instruments, such […]