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5 reasons to buy duduk from ethnictune.com

People ask: What is an Armenian duduk?

We answer: The duduk is not only ancient double-reed woodwind flute made of apricot wood, It is indigenous to Armenia, an instrument which best describes sorrow, yet it is also an instrument used for happy occasions.

During years we were hard working producing Armenian wind instruments especially duduks in all possible turnings. During this time we have listened our customers and now we can be proud to be number one place where you can buy armenian duduk. Here we would like to list reasons, why ordering duduk from ethnictune.com is the best choose for professional musician.

  1. Duduks we offer in our shop made by the best masters and musicians from Armenia.
  2. Now you can choose the 3 types of reeds (hard, medium and soft).
  3. The wood made Armenian duduks of hard found aged apricot wood harvested from Armenian mountains.
  4. We, at EthnicTune, check every piece of reed and tube for quality of tone, tuning and overall quality and beauty of instrument.
  5. Our duduks have master’s stamp and ready for studio recording and live performance.

Have a question? Drop us message and we will be happy to assist you to choose right duduk.

With love, EthnicTune Team

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