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As musicians, we understand that you are not just purchasing a musical instrument — you are making an investment in your art, your passion, your life. We are glad that you have turned to for your next musical instrument.

Our team cooperates with small and famous workshops and musical instruments developers in Africa, Brazil, Armenia, Austria, India, Cambodia, China, Egypt, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mongolia, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, UK, Vietnam and other. Instruments are hand-made by experienced craftsmen whose families have created the same types of instruments for generations. The most Instruments in our catalog are imported and stored in our different warehouses. Your order may ship from multiple warehouses. We have automated integration of shipping calculations.

Due to the hand-made nature of most of the musical instruments as well as their popularity, we are sometimes out of stock on particular instruments until we receive our next shipment from overseas. If you select an item that is out of stock, we will contact you by email to inform you of the estimated availability of the item. We will ask if you want to place an item on backorder, or potentially substitute a similar instrument if one is available, or if you prefer to cancel your order. We do not charge your credit card until the item ships.

If you are a first-time customer, we hope to have you as a customer for life—and if you are an existing customer, we appreciate your business and thank you for your ongoing support over the years.

We are grateful to our partners, producers and masters for their work and care. EthnicTune