Shamanic drums are an important part of traditional Siberian culture. They are used in various rituals and ceremonies to connect the shaman with the spirit world.

If you are interested in making your own shamanic drum, you should start by collecting all the necessary materials. You will need a piece of goatskin, a wooden hoop, sinew or nylon thread, and a wooden handle. The size of the hoop will depend on the size of the drum you would like to make. You can also consider decorating the drum with paint or other materials to make it more visually appealing.

The first step in making the drum is to soak the goatskin in water for several hours until it becomes soft. This will make it easier to work with and prevent it from cracking or tearing during the process. Once the skin is soaked, place it over the wooden hoop and stretch it evenly over the surface. Make sure that the skin is tight and secure on all sides.

Next, you can use sinew or nylon thread to tie the skin to the hoop. Be sure to wrap the thread tightly around the hoop and the skin to keep it in place. You can also use a needle to weave the thread in and out of the skin to ensure that it is attached securely. It is important to keep the skin tight as you tie it to the hoop to create a resonant sound.

After the skin is attached to the hoop, you can attach a wooden handle to the back of the drum. This handle should be securely fastened to the hoop to provide a comfortable grip for the drummer. You can use screws or bolts to attach the handle, or you can drill holes through the hoop and thread the handle through them.

Once the drum is complete, allow it to dry completely. This may take several days, depending on the climate and humidity. Once it is dry, you can trim any excess skin from the edges of the hoop and decorate it as you wish. You can use paint, beads, or other materials to add color and texture to your drum. With a little patience and creativity, you can create a custom drum that is both beautiful and functional.

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