Nurwind Duduks by Manvel Mnatsakanyan
Nurwind Duduks by Manvel Mnatsakanyan

Manvel Mnatsakanyan is a master duduk maker who has devoted his life to perfecting the art of crafting this ancient Armenian instrument. With more than four decades of experience, Mnatsakanyan has earned a reputation as one of the most respected craftsmen in his field, thanks to his unwavering commitment to excellence and his exceptional dedication.

Mnatsakanyan began his journey in music in 1977 when he graduated from the prestigious Romanos Melikyan Musical College in Yerevan, Armenia, with a degree in Musical Performance. During his formative years, he immersed himself in the rich traditions of Armenian folk music, honing his skills as a musician.

After completing his studies, Mnatsakanyan embarked on a career as a solo duduk player for esteemed ensembles such as the National Armenian Folk Ensemble, Gusanakan Folk Ensemble, and the Dudukner Ensemble. His soulful performances captivated audiences and showcased his profound understanding of the duduk’s unique voice.

In 1985, Mnatsakanyan had the opportunity to learn the intricate art of making duduk reeds from the esteemed Master Giorgi Minasov. These reeds, carved from apricot wood, are an essential component of the duduk, producing its distinct sound. Mnatsakanyan quickly mastered the craft, driven by a desire to create instruments that upheld the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

With his newfound expertise in duduk reed making, Mnatsakanyan began manufacturing his duduks, drawing upon his knowledge as a skilled musician and reed maker to create instruments that satisfied the discerning tastes of professional duduk players. Word quickly spread about the exceptional quality of Mnatsakanyan’s duduks, attracting the attention of renowned musicians such as Giorgi Minasov, Djivan Gasparian, Gevorg Dabaghyan, and Yeghishe Manukyan.

In 2004, Mnatsakanyan began selling his reeds and instruments commercially under the brand name Nurwind Duduks, collaborating with experts and fellow craftsmen to continuously improve the intonation, tonality, and consistency of his instruments. Nurwind Duduks emerged as the gold standard for professional duduks, beloved by musicians around the world.

Nurwind Duduks by Manvel Mnatsakanyan
Nurwind Duduks by Manvel Mnatsakanyan

Each Nurwind Duduk is meticulously crafted by Mnatsakanyan himself, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality and performance. His duduks are renowned for their rich, resonant tones and incredible playability, making them the preferred choice of discerning professionals.

The duduk is an ancient instrument with the power to transport listeners to another realm with its haunting melodies and soul-stirring laments. Thanks to the dedication and expertise of Manvel Mnatsakanyan, this instrument continues to thrive, captivating audiences and preserving the sacred traditions of Armenian music. With each exquisite creation, Mnatsakanyan leaves an indelible mark on the world of music, solidifying his legacy as one of the greatest duduk makers in history.



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