Famous duduk player Georgy Minasov
Famous duduk player Georgy Minasov

Georgy Minasov, a skilled duduk craftsman from Armenia, is known for his innovative work on the traditional Armenian woodwind instrument, the duduk. He authored duduk techniques and textbooks. He expanded the duduk performance opportunities in 1992-2001, creating three new modifications of the duduk: bass-duduk, tenor-duduk և baritone-duduk. The duduk, with a range of one octave, has been played for centuries and is an important part of Armenia’s rich cultural heritage. Minasov’s contribution to the instrument has been significant, as he has improved it to have a range of up to three octaves by adding more holes to the instrument.

Minasov’s music and duduk crafts innovation

Minasov’s innovation has opened up a gamut of musical possibilities for the duduk, including playing gammas, mughams, and classical works that were previously impossible. His work has led to the creation of new instruments like the bass, tenor, and baritone duduks, which have expanded the range and sound of the instrument. While some traditionalists may not accept these innovations, Minasov believes that the duduk needs to develop and evolve like any other instrument.

Minasov’s love for the duduk began at a young age when he started playing the instrument. He realized that the duduk had limitations, and he wanted to expand its capabilities. He started experimenting with the instrument, adding more holes and experimenting with different materials. His work paid off, and he was able to create a new kind of duduk that had a wider range and was more versatile in terms of the music it could play.

Minasov’s work has been recognized both in Armenia and internationally. He has won several awards for his contribution to the duduk, including the Armenian Ministry of Culture’s award for the best duduk craftsman in Armenia. His duduks have been used by many famous musicians and have been featured in several concerts and recordings.

While some musicians argue that the duduk should not be turned into a “European” instrument with added levers that give it an oboe or clarinet-like sound, Minasov believes that the duduk needs to be allowed to evolve and reach its full potential. He explains that even the clarinet had only five holes at the beginning, but it has evolved over time. Similarly, the duduk needs to be allowed to evolve and improve.

In conclusion, Georgy Minasov’s contribution to the duduk has been significant. He has expanded the range and sound of the instrument and has created new kinds of duduks that have been recognized both in Armenia and internationally. While some may argue that the duduk should not be changed, Minasov believes that the instrument needs to evolve and reach its full potential like any other instrument. His work has opened up new possibilities for the duduk and has ensured that it remains an important part of Armenia’s rich cultural heritage for years to come.

Famous duduk player, pedagogue, Honored Artist of the Republic of Armenia Georgy Minasov died at the age of 87.

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