The first instruments, which were look like duduk were made of bone, but in our days professional duduks made of apricot wood. The duduk’s reeds are typically produced of bamboo. It is not easy process of flattening the reed. It takes several days until it is ready. In comparison to other double reed instruments, such as the Oboe or the Zurna, the reed of the Duduk mouth piece is longer and broader.

That is why the Duduk sounds much softer and similar in sound to a clarinet played in a low pitch. In the beginning the reed produces sharpest sound and then after several weeks it becomes more natural sound like in the videos of duduk you can see on youtube. The sound of the duduk is used in famous movies like The Gladiator (2000), starring Russell Crowe; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe’s fictional and in the TV series, The Game of Thrones, duduk music is featured in Daenerys Targaryen’s theme.  In the world popularization of this musical instrument, huge credit should be given to a famous Armenian musician Jivan Gasparyan, a composer and skillful duduk player. In Armenian music the instruments are traditionally played in duos and in ensembles. An important feature are the roles in the ensemble: there usually is one Duduk played as drone and the other plays the melody. Duduk and its sound connects many Armenians to the culture and history of Armenia. In 2005, the UNESCO declared the duduk and its music to be an object of Intangible Cultural Heritage.


Best Place To Buy Duduk?

When it comes to buying a duduk, the traditional Armenian wind instrument, it’s crucial to consider the quality and authenticity of the instrument. While you may come across souvenir duduks at local markets or online, it’s important to note that they may not meet the standards of a serious musician.

If you’re looking to buy a duduk, Vernissage – the largest open-air traditional market in Yerevan – offers souvenir duduks for sale. These duduks are accompanied by colorful cases featuring beautiful Armenian designs, making them attractive to tourists and collectors alike. However, it’s important to remember that these duduks are primarily intended as souvenirs and may not provide the best playing experience.

Similarly, many online marketplaces may have duduks for sale, but these instruments are often of a souvenir quality and may not be suitable for serious musicians. Some of these duduks even come with playable reeds, leading merchants to falsely claim that they are professional instruments. However, it’s essential to exercise caution and not be misled by these claims.

For serious musicians, it’s highly recommended to buy a duduk from trusted sources. One such reputable place is This online store specializes in duduks and offers a wide selection of duduks from Armenia in various pitches at competitive prices.

What sets apart is its commitment to providing high-quality duduks that are suitable for stage musicians. These instruments are supplied with top-notch reeds and come with cases adorned with national ornaments, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Armenia.

One of the key factors that contribute to the superior quality of the duduks offered by is the wood used in their construction. Several duduk tubes are made from aged mountain wild apricot wood, which is approximately 65 years old. The aging process enhances the wood’s durability and resonance, resulting in a more authentic and vibrant sound. takes pride in its craftsmanship and ensures that each duduk is meticulously crafted in its workshop in Armenia. The skilled artisans pay attention to every detail, ensuring that the instrument meets the highest standards of quality and authenticity.

In addition to the quality of the duduks themselves, offers excellent customer service and a seamless buying experience. The website provides detailed descriptions and specifications for each instrument, allowing musicians to make an informed decision. The dedicated customer support team is readily available to answer any questions or concerns, ensuring that customers feel confident in their purchase.

When it comes to finding the best duduk to buy, is a trusted source that delivers superior quality instruments at competitive prices. With their commitment to authenticity and craftsmanship, you can rely on their duduks to provide an exceptional playing experience.

If you’re a serious wind instrument musician or simply a lover of traditional Armenian music, buying a duduk from is the best choice. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Armenia and experience the beauty and soulful sound of this enchanting instrument.

Construction duduk

Generally, duduk made of 2 parts: duduk cylindrical pipe and reed (Ghamish). Among these 9, 8 are the finger holes while the one is thumb whole.  Several longer models of duduks made of 2-3 parts. For example, G tenor duduk or bass duduk, which has 3 parts. There are duduks to cover Tenor, Soprano, Alto and Piccolo, as well as Bass and Baritone ranges. There are several advanced models of duduk which are extended versions of typical duduks with additional notes.

Tone and playability

Traditionally Armenian duduk produces warm nasal sound. The Duduk is played both at weddings and funerals, a fact that indicates how differs the moods are that can be used with the instrument. The assigning of the Duduks to these ranges is still discussable, since the range of the actual instrument is not as wide as the names these ranges usually have, and for the most part, most people consider to have duduk in key of A, Tenor, which is the most popular pitch. if you are a newbie, don’t try to go for a high-end model. Start with a basic one with good reeds for better learning. Here the link on duduk which handcrafted specially for beginners:

For them who is looking for genuine professional duduk with unique velvet sound and masters sign.

EthnicTune – World Music Instruments offer one of the quality handcrafted duduk made ever in Armenia. And we are proud for it. With the help and cooperation of several masters and musicians we produce duduks in our workshop made of wild apricot wood aged more than 50 years old. Here the link:

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One of the best things about is the reviews from satisfied customers. Many of them have praised the quality of the duduks and the exceptional customer service they received.

By Sérgio Pratas da Costa Ethnic Tune is perfect place to purchase your Ethnic instruments. Great website, Top support services and a friendly contact, from who you can expect a fast reply for all the questions you may have. I just receive my Duduk and is simply beautiful. A dark apricot wood with such warm sound. I’m sure that this was my first of many acquisitions from Ethnictune. Thank you Karo for the friendship. Keep up with the good work.

By Christopher Parma I appreciate well made instruments and the skill it takes to make them. I have a small collection of Navajo (Native American) flutes. I have Armenian friends in Jerusalem and was introduced to duduk music by them. I decided to add a duduk or two to my collection and began researching the instrument. I was led to Ethnictune and am very happy I was. Karo was extremely helpful in giving advice on which model to purchase. Earlier this week I received my duduk in the mail. It is truly a beautiful instrument. I am also intrigued by its haunting sound. Karo also recommended a source I might use to learn how to play at least some simple tunes on the duduk. I found Ethnictune’s products to be well made, affordable and the customer service was second to none. I look forward to continuing our relationship for a long time. Karo, once again, thank you.

By Soheil Shadloo 5 stars in not enough to rate this amazing online shop! It’s unbelievable how supportive they are. I bought 2 Duduks one in C key and one in A. C Duduk sounds just perfect warm and smooth with great tuning but when I played the A Duduk and compared it with my previous A Duduk, I felt it’s a Bb Duduk and not an A Duduk. When I contacted Karo, he explained me that it’s because of the way I played the Duduk and not the Duduk itself but anyway in order to solve the issue, he is sending me another one which is customized according to my needs and I can’t wait to receive it. It looks like a dream to me. 🙂 because in real life it’s not easy to find such professional and supportive people.Dear Karo, thank you and Ethnic Tune so very much you are a great help to all of us musicians. Wish you the best with your great work.

By Hans Jonathan Hummelgaard Very nice place to buy good quality exotic instruments. I love my Duduk already and now just saving up for the next instrument to buy. Also very good and fast support and even instrument advice. Much recommended!

By Olivia Groves Top service, very friendly and happy to help. And of course, beautiful instrument. Thank you!! 🙂

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