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Duduk Instrument Care & Maintenance – An Essential Guide

Duduk Instrument Care

Have you just bought your first duduk? This ancient Armenian woodwind instrument has been used throughout the ages to convey emotion and captivate audiences, but it takes more than simply playing it to keep it sounding beautiful. Read on for some helpful tips on caring for your duduk. If you are still looking for buy […]

Armenian duduk – Your questions. Our answers.

Born in the early days of Armenian history, the duduk is known as the most “Armenian” of all folk instruments, because of its roots and its ability to represent the spirit of the Armenian people. The Armenian duduk is a double-reed woodwind musical instrument made of wild apricot wood, and it is indigenous to Armenia. […]

About Kamancheh

Kamancheh is one of the instruments with a long history in the East. Although the track record of this instrument can be found in other countries as well, due to its original place of creation, UNESCO has inscribed the art of crafting and playing with Kamancheh as an intangible cultural heritage of Iranians. Kamancheh is […]

Meditation: Is there a good online resource for vedic/Hindu techniques?

If you’re interested in a more Hindu-inspired approach, kundalini, energy practices, or the combination of the techniques you might run into in a yoga class with meditation and a broader philosophical system, seems to be a good resource, and /r/kundalini is working on building up a library of experience. If you feel like your […]


The term “Udu” was derived from a clay pot that typically resembles an ancient water jug or a vessel. Generally, it contains two holes located on the top part and middle portion of its body. Historically speaking, the Igbo women of Nigeria were the pioneer percussionist during the earliest times and they performed these musical […]


Timpani are a type of drum and are therefore part of the percussion family. Before we look at the history of the instrument, we should get the name sorted. The word ‘timpani’ is an Italian word and is plural, but in English it is completely acceptable to use the word for just one drum. Italians would […]

Origin of Persian traditional music

The history of musical development in Iran dates back to the prehistoric era. King Jamshid of Persia, a mythological figure of Shahnameh, is credited with the “invention” of music. Fragmentary documents from various periods of the country’s history establish that the ancient Iranians possessed an elaborate musical culture. Archaeological evidence reveals musical instruments that were […]