EthnicTune proud to present new professional line of Armenian Duduks. These duduks made by one of the famous masters in Armenia. Each duduk have a master’s sign, designed for studio recording and live performance.

About Duduk

Nurwind Duduks by Manvel Mnatsakanyan
Nurwind Duduks by Manvel Mnatsakanyan

Duduk is well-known wind double reed instrument of Caucasian people. The origins of the duduk have been proven to be in Armenia. The first instruments have been dated to about the year 500 AD. This instrument widely used in film industry, and used by ethnic and folk musicians all over the world. Duduk has a smooth sweet sound, with the depressive timbre. Armenians perform duduk during wedding and funerals. Usually musicians perform duduk on a pair with dam. Dam is a continuously played drone. Dam musician using cycle breath technique to produce long continuous sound. Duduk sound is similar to clarinet. Variations of Armenian duduk found in Caucasus countries like Azerbaijan, Gerogia, Iran, in Middle East and Eastern Europe. Usually duduk performers play several national instruments like zurna and shvi.

Titles of modifications of Armenian duduk:

  • Azerbajdjan – tutjak, balaban
  • Gerogia – duduki
  • Turkey: Mey
  • China – guan or guanzi
  • Japan – hichiriki

Armenian duduk becomes more popular through film soundtrack these days. The duduk has been used in a number of films, especially “to denote otherworldliness, loneliness, and mourning or to supply a Middle Eastern/Central Asian atmosphere.”

Duduk A Professional Tenor

Duduk consists of tube, made of apricot wood and khmaish-reed made of bamboo. Lengths of duduk various from 28 cm up to 55 cm. On front end there are 8 finger holes and 2 back side holes. One of the back holes used to tune the instrument. The sound produced by the vibration of 2 plates of the reed. The cane is usually provided with a cap, which helps performer control the pitch fine tuning. The duduk is a diatonic-tuned, but it is also possible to play a chromatic scale with the help of finger techniques. The most popular pitch of duduk is Tenor A pitch. The most notation in Armenian written for this pitch.

In our store you can find nearly all pitches beginning from soprano up to bass. EthnicTune is most advanced place to order duduk.

4 thoughts on “EthnicTune Introduce Armenian Duduk

  1. motti m. says:

    Hello,prior an order for A duduk in 432hz. I would like to know if the body is build in 432 hz. or it is kind of adjusting with the reed?
    and who is the maker of the duduk? reeds?
    Thank you ,motti

  2. ethnictune says:

    Dear Monti, thank you for your comment in our store.

    Usually our masters tune the tube itself. But it is possible also get 432 tune with special (smaller) reed, but I do not recommend it. The best when you have tube tuned to 432 Hz and can order standart reeds, which will work with your tube.

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