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Orestis Moustidis – I have my own phylosophy about music

We’d like to introduce to you a master, who we cooperate with about a year nowand present his nice work with it’s outstanding proffesional sound and design. A big number of world known percussionists, such as Hossam Ramzy, Djamchid Chamirani with his two sons, Shankar Lal Chaterjee, Selva Ganesh, Zakir Hussain, Vikku Vinayakram and many others play on those drums.

EthnicTune So before we start talking about the drums it could be interesting to know about your place of birth, about your parents and your activities befor coming to Armenia.

Orestis Moustidis I was born in Georgia, then moved to Armenia where I grew up, graduated from university (engineering) and studied drumming as well.My parents had nothing to do with music.

EthnicTune We know also that many years you spent in Greece.Tell us please about your activities in Greece.

Orestis Moustidis Yes, I spent 20 years in Greece.There I formed a group (Nor Dar) we would perform ethno-jazz music.There are four albums of this group which you can probably find in the Internet.Simulteniously I’ve been making drums.

EthnicTune What kind of music you prefer to listen to?

Orestis Moustidis I like any kind of music, just to be good music.

EthnicTune What kind of music you used to listen before starting your musical career?

Orestis Moustidis Mostly, jazz.

EthnicTune There are so many clubs in Yerevan with various types of music.Do you play there, do you prefer to use instrument made by you?

Orestis Moustidis Today I’m fully busy with making drums.

EthnicTune Do you think of recording a new album and who with?

Orestis Moustidis I have my own phylosophy about music. No difference who I play with, just I’d prefere the work to be interesting and creative.

EthnicTune What pushed you to start making drums?

Orestis Moustidis When I was a child I decided to become a drummer.But to practice I had no drum.So I made my first drum.Then one day I heared on TV Oscar Peterson playing.I decided to study jazz.After some time again I heared Ravi Shankar with Allah Rakha Khan on tabla, so again I wanted to build and to play tabla.So I did it.

EthnicTune Every master has his own secrets and technology. Can you tell us what is the difference between your instruments and those you can buy in Amazon with twice less money? What materials do you use? As we know you keep up traditional ways of making drums.

Orestis Moustidis There are no special secrets.Just experience.I use very different materials, as to Amazon I have both expensive and cheap instruments (depends on material).

EthnicTune Have you ever tried to create new type of instruments?

Orestis Moustidis Yes.

EthnicTune What are your plans for future?

Orestis Moustidis Keep going to do my best. Thank you very much with the best regards!

This period we work over to produce a new musical album “The best of Orestis” which you can have at the end of this year. CD version and downloadable version of this album will be available on ethnictune.com.


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