It is soft and easy to listen timbre makes kemanche a suitable instrument for solo and ensemble. The player rests the Kamanche on the knee and instead of using the guidance of the bow it turns the instrument to meet the bow. During the performance, player uses fingers by inserting them between bow hair and the wood part to get the desired sound.

Kemanche can be tuned in a wide range and gains it a technical advantage. Lowest could be : La – Re – La – Re until Re – Sol – Re – Sol. Some prefer to utilize the mid-tense strings. Less commonly some players prefer to tune Kamancheh like a violin. There are many versions for tuning and at the end, players taste is the final for tuning pitch. Some player prefers to play on tense strings while others more on loose strings.

You can view our catalogue for both Persian and Iranian high quality kemancha models made by famous makers.


ref -> https://salamuzik.com/blogs/news/all-about-kamancheh

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