I would like to build a duduk in ” C ” , or any other key.
Can anybody help me with the misures : total lenght of tube , internal diameter , position of the holes from the bottom end ?
Many thanks.

  • it is a difficult task. I am just curious, do you have apricot wood (it has to be from apricot wood for duduk)?
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The reed must be tuned to D key
C duduk is about 31cm long, with 12mm hole and it must have 1cm key holes
The holes from top:
#1 is 32mm, Thumb is 54mm , #2 is 70mm, #3 is 9.8cm, #4 is 12.5cm, #5 is 14.8cm, #6 is 17.5cm, #7 is 19.9cm, #8 is 22.4cm, #9 Bottom is 26cm, hope it will help.

  • Jon Khachaturyan answered 5 years ago
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