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How to buy Your First Duduk?

When looking to buy a duduk, the first place most people will check is Amazon, eBay or even Etsy in search of the famed Armenian instrument. You might have browsed as well and found beautiful duduks that are made in Armenia, and looking like something a professional musician like Jivan Gasparyan would play. You might even be lured in by the inexpensive price, especially if you’re just starting to dip your toes into the water and are hesitant to spend a few hundred dollars on an instrument you haven’t played before. However, you’ll find that once the duduk arrives, it sounds nothing like what you expected.
Be sure not to fall into this trap. These are cheaper, souvenir-quality instruments that look great, but some dishonest sellers will market them as professional instruments. These types of souvenir duduks are often beautifully made but are crafted from cheap wood, not tuned properly, and the reeds don’t play well. Though you might find exceptions, they are rare and it is a gamble buying from an online marketplace that doesn’t specialize in selling instruments. These cheaper duduks are great as decor, but they are not intended to make music.
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You’re in the right place for buying duduk directly from Armenia. The duduk is wind instrument, which is well known among the people of Caucasus, Dagestan, and Middle Asia. Duduk is made of a body and ghamish (reed). Reed has a regulator and a cap. Traditional Armenian duduks have nine finger holes, 8 on front of the cylinder and one or sometimes 2 on the opposite side. is proud to offer duduk in various keys made by the best masters from Armenia. All duduks we offer have an amazing timbre and are made of rarest wild mountain apricot wood.

In the world popularization of this musical instrument, huge credit should be given to a famous Armenian musician Jivan Gasparyan, a composer and skillful duduk player.

Family of the concert grade duduks on

Like other wind instruments, the duduk has a family, there are all sizes wich in effect are their actual pitch/range. There are duduks to cover Tenor, Soprano, Alto and Piccolo, as well as Bass and Baritone ranges. The assigning of the Duduks to these ranges is debatable, since the range of the actual instrument is not as wide as the names these ranges usually have, and for the most part, most people consider to have duduk in key of A, Tenor, which is the most popular pitch.

Duduk in key of A, is the most common, as the most Armenian scores written in this key. Bb (Si Bemol Duduk) also common for Armenian, but it is often used for playing more Eastern music. C duduk alto common, because it tuned to C Major scale, and the most Western melodies tends to be in this key. G duduk become popular, because it have deep tone and it tuned to G Major, which is suitable for performing some eastern scales. Less poplar duduks are higher ranged duduks, such as D duduk and higher up to F. They are very small, and they are not easy to play. There is Bass duduk, which sometimes used for low drone notes, used usually in quartets and some cases used in solo.

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