Duduk G Piccolo Professional


Duduk G Piccolo, professional, made of wild apricot wood with fantastic sound. Includes one reed. Lengths is: 23 cm.

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Duduk G piccolo Professional on EthnicTune
Duduk G Piccolo Professional


Shipping and Delivery

Duduk G Piccolo Professional will be shipped via Haypost (Armenian Postal Service) directly from our workshop. Delivery time EU: 15-35 days, WORLD: 25-40 days

FAQs about Duduk

What is the origin of Duduk G Piccolo Professional?
Origin of Duduk G Piccolo Professional is Armenia

What is the tuning of Duduk G Piccolo Professional?
Instrument tuned to: G Piccolo

What materials used for creating Duduk G Piccolo Professional?
Duduk G Piccolo Professional made of: Apricot wood

I have a question about Duduk , how can I find more information and tips how to play this instrument?
You can visit our Discuss board to find answers about Duduk G Piccolo Professional and ask your question. Our team will try to help you further to get more info.