Overtone flutes

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An overtone flute is one of the oldest sorts of flute. It consists of a simple tube without any finger-holes that is blown on the top end.

There are several titles for overtone flutes:

  • Kalyuka — Russian and Ukrainian overtone flute. Traditionally, the Kalyuka was constructed from a hollow plant stem. Because of the fragile nature of the stem, the instrument was played seasonally.
  • Tylynka/ Tilinkó /Tilinca – Ukrainian/Hutsul, Hungarian, and Romanian overtone flute.
  • Telenka — The telenka (Ukrainian: Теленка), along with the sopilka (Ukrainian: Cопiлка), is a prominent instrument in Kalush Orchestra’s 2022 song “Stefania”, which won the Eurovision Song Contest for Ukraine.
  • Willow flute – Scandinavian flute
  • Fujara — a Slovak flute. Also known as the “Shepherd’s Flute”, the Fujara was developed over many years by shepherds in Slovakia and Poland. The Fujara incorporates what we now know as the major scale. There are three playing holes, the full scale is played by overblowing from the 4th of the scale (all holes open – 1st harmonic), to the 5th (all holes closed – 2nd harmonic).
  • Koncovka — Slovak overtone flute with a fipple. The Koncovka is very similar to the Kalyuka.
  • Choctaw overtone flute