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The “Shuiskaya Garmon” factory has been known in Russia for more than two centuries. The Shuya Harmonica Factory, founded in 1935, produced up to 4,500 instruments per month in Soviet times. Now the volume of output is much more modest – about 150 accordions. At the same time, instruments of a very different range, tonality and design are produced – often an accordion is created and tuned specifically for the performer.

Bayans, accordions and excellent accordions are produced here, which are played by harmonists all over the world.

Professional musicians know that the Shuya Factory supplies the market with more than one or two varieties of instruments – in fact, there are more than thirty of them, not taking into account individual orders: these are children’s harmonicas, and concert versions of button accordions, and the already famous eight-voice four-bar accordion. The individual features of each instrument may also depend on a specific customer: the presence or absence of a register, painting, inlay – the client’s imagination is often unable to keep up with the skill of the performers.

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Harmonicas and Accordions

Accordion Chayka 314

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Harmonica Shuya

Accordion Shuya Gzhel

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Harmonica Shuya

Accordion Shuya Pobeda

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