Djivan Gasparyan – Dle Yaman [HQ]

One of the most beautiful songs played on armenian flute duduk.

Djivan Gasparyan Djivan Gasparyan profile on EthnicTune.com

Haberband. Djivan Gasparyan.

Duduk. Armenian folk songs (Мелодия / Melody, 1983) I Will Not Be Sad in This World (All Saints Records, 1989) Moon Shin […]

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Djivan Gasparyan – The Best Armenian Duduk

Djivan Gasparyan – The Best Armenian Duduk

Live in concert Hossein Alizadeh & Djivan Gasparyan

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MerlinMoon – Aya feat. Djivan Gasparyan Jr. ( Ayahuasca )


73 thoughts on “Djivan Gasparyan – Dle Yaman [HQ]

  1. Jan Go says:

    как я благадарю Бога то что я родился Армянином мой музика мой душа

  2. PortVila92 says:

    When I hear this music, and especially the duduk, it hits me so deep in my soul, I must begin to cry and dont understand why. It is wonderful and absolutely beautiful! Such a valuable music. Greetings from Germany

  3. linguafiqari says:

    Ես էլ կարծեցի այդպես: Դուդուկը գեղեցիկ և տխուր գործիք է:

  4. MsLilly1017 says:

    You can hear the pain of victims of Armenian Genocide, may they rest in peace. Armenians know very well whats pain and sadness…

  5. D.AVICI says:

    I recorded a poem by me with this as background music.

    Friends come and go
    Life flies by right before your eyes.
    You loose ones you love
    Yet through it all you still love your life.

    People leave you to fight alone
    You put on a fake smile to hide all your pain
    Yet someone still knows your hurt.

    Through it all you still put on a front to satisfy those around you
    Thorough it all you wouldn’t change a thing
    Through it all you wouldn’t trade your life for fame.

    You build a wall to try to keep from getting hurt
    You lock up you heart and throw away the key to see who cares enough to look for the key
    Through it all there’s not many people that got you to open up yet still you love it all.

    Struggles meet you in the face to watch you slip up
    Yet through it all you wouldn’t change a thing.

    Through it all you wouldn’t change a thing
    Through it all you wouldn’t trade your life for fame

  6. Olya Tout says:

    +Armen Ohanyan Does it even need reminder? Armenian race is one of the ancient, only the misinformed ones would even question

  7. armenikitous says:

    Armenian duduk is the ONLY duduk. There is no such thing as Azeri duduk, actually there shouldn’t even be such thing as Azerbaijan to begin with.

  8. Alexis Anthony says:

    Exactly!!!! Even one of the worlds oldest shoe was found in Armenia! We are an ancient nation and always have been. These dunce Azeris claim this instrument yet no international source nor historical proof says so. Plus worldwide it is considered an Armenian instrument including an enormous amount of evidence that can be easily researched.

  9. amigahome says:

    “Azerbaijanians 65+ millions,hays are 6+ millions!”
    You can’t even do math, fucktard.
    So you are ignorant in history, geography, math and have no common sense.
    In other words, typical turkic jackass.

  10. Arthur Aleksanyan says:

    +Derbent Azerbaijan bla bla bla……you came from altay maountais and tell us who we are?
    Learn world history and dont wase my time….have nice…..learning

  11. Ofeliya Grigoryan says:

    Балабан твоя башка. Весь мир знает, чтоэто дудук

  12. not your business, ,fuck Turkey says:

    Derbent Azerbitchian
    my dick is also belong to Azerbaijan too
    your people specialy azerbich women suck it to play music too
    hayde sikdir turk pij orosuboular gevourlar

  13. The Jobway says:

    я сам играю на дудуке и ето Армянский инструмент

  14. Ofeliya Grigoryan says:

    Свои этикетки приклейте себе на лоб. Дудук был, есть и будет нашим. Где дудук , где ваш вой-мугам. Вот это ваше

  15. Jan Go says:

    что ты говариш какой азербеджански балабан?????? вес мир знает что дудук Армянская вес мир) не надо с этом спорит многие народи хотели от Армян украст дудук но не получилос а знаеш почему потаму что не кто не видел столка гор и бол как Армянский народ из за это дудук душа Армений и до сих пор наши враги азери турки не могу украт его и юнеско признал что дудук Армянски народная националная инструмент и книга гинес тоже это написана что самая грстная музика дудук еваелся армянской и многим странам это интсрумент запрешена потаму что он самый грустний инстурмент в мире как и мой народ Армянский


    воры Азербайджанский балабан! Наслаждайтис люди воры!у вас култура нет кухня нет даже все словы не могли изменит по Туретцким названием остался бедные

  17. Jason Chen says:

    +Raynevious Channel Didn’t mean to be rude. But what I would like to suggest is that it would be a lot more attractive if you can use a soothing video with the wonderful sound. Like a good dish, taste along is not sufficient. Presentation is also important.

  18. Olya Tout says:

    +Jason Chen darling, just go and watch volcanic eruption live. All the HD and more you’ll get. Seriously, doesn’t your soul get all that it needs, just listening? Like, really? Am utterly interested

  19. stupidreligionz says:

    this is not the original version. this sounds like a broken version of the original. the amount of fake copies in the interest is pretty mind-blowing. its like someone is trying to hide the originals.

  20. Kyle Macland says:

    The haunting sounds and deeply resonating tones awaken even the visceral senses … exquisite beauty!

  21. bumble2able says:

    Imagine the Duduk with The Viola along side, that my friend would most certainly be the most haunting yet beautiful piece 🙂 I truly do love the haunting sound of the viola and the sound of the duduk, it’s just so unique but equally low in tone. Imagine a Celtic piece played by the Viola with the Armenian Duduk accompanying it with a beautiful Arabic sounding melody 🙂  

  22. Ciprian Moraru says:

    I’ve been doing music for 20 years now…….There is no other sound deeper, more sweeter and more moving than the duduk. May God bless the Armenians and their magical duduk!

  23. Very Fast says:

    +raffik55 I think, it’d be rather intelligent, for us to just drop it. Sorry for replying in that manner.

  24. Rickycubefan says:

    +Very Fast
    You are a joke. You provoke raffik55 and then decide to drop it saying you are somehow intelligent and suddenly drop it. you are the lowest of low..

  25. Very Fast says:

    +Rickycubefan ACtually he was the one provoking EVERY person from his neighboring countries with his comment. I did not want to go with it, because it was kind of a retarded thing to argue about. As for your “lowest of low”, It seems that your limitations have rendered you into thinking is a lesser human. Instead of destroying you, based on your low intelligence, i’d love to apologize for being dealt such a hand. better luck next time sport.

  26. raffik55 says:

    Love it, it takes me back so many years. Love our music. 
    No wonder that our not so friendly neighbors are claiming everything Armenian. 


    Евгений это не только ты,я тоже плачу,Арам Хачатурян тоже плакал когда слушал дудук

  28. Евгений Ш says:

    Поистине потрясающий инструмент и производимые им звуки !

  29. Арам Симонян says:

    it is really matter where the instrument came from,chickens don’t give milk, cows do not fly….

  30. Nicholas Gabriel says:

    Does it really matter where the instrument came from? Why not just enjoy the music? It truly is beautiful.

  31. Arman Mkhitaryan says:

    Because only armenians understand word “Ciranapox” and that is enough. “Duduk”- is international name of this armenian instrument. 

  32. Kristapor Aintabtsi says:

    The words to the song are: 

    Դլե յաման
    Գյամին էկավ կրակի պես,
    Վա՜յ, դլե յաման,
    Էկավ, հասավ չուր ծովու կես,
    Յաման, յաման:

    Դլե յաման,
    Մեր տուն, ձեր տուն իրար դիմաց,
    Վա՜յ, դլե յաման,
    Հերիք անես աչքով իմաց 
    Յաման, յաման:

    Դլե յաման,
    Արև դիպավ Մասիս սարին,
    Վա՜յ, դլե յաման,
    Կարոտ մնացի ես իմ յարին,
    Յաման, յաման:

    Dle yaman
    The wind came like fire,
    Ohhh, dle yaman,
    It came, reached halfway across the sea,
    Yaman, yaman.

    Dle yaman, 
    Our home, your home across from each other,
    Ohhh, del yaman,
    Enough of your eye gestures,
    Yaman, yaman

    Dle yaman,
    The sun touched Mount Masis,
    Ohhh, dle yaman
    I was left missing my love,
    Yaman, yaman

    The song refers to someone who lost their love during the Armenian Genocide. How they lived next to each other, how the winds used to blow across Lake Van and how one day the sun came to set in the west beyond Mt Masis (one of the peaks of Mount Ararat). 

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