Duduk C Alto Professional

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Duduk C Alto for professional stage musician. Includes 2 reeds and soft case. Made of wild apricot wood harvested from Armenian mountain.

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Duduk in key of C alto, made of wild apricot wood
Duduk C Alto Professional

$230.00 $190.00 Save 17%

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Duduk C Alto Professional will be shipped via Haypost (Armenian Postal Service) directly from our workshop. Delivery time EU: 15-35 days, WORLD: 25-40 days
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FAQs about Duduk

What is the origin of Duduk C Alto Professional?
Origin of Duduk C Alto Professional is Armenia

What is the tuning of Duduk C Alto Professional?
Instrument tuned to: C Alto

What materials used for creating Duduk C Alto Professional?
Duduk C Alto Professional made of: Apricot wood

I have a question about Duduk , how can I find more information and tips how to play this instrument?
You can visit our Discuss board to find answers about Duduk C Alto Professional and ask your question. Our team will try to help you further to get more info.

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Genre Traditional Folk, World, Worldbeat, folk
Influence Armenian
Occupation composer, musician, performer

Djivan Gasparyan is an Armenian famous musician. He plays the duduk, a twofold reed woodwind instrument identified with the symphonic as oboe. Gasparyan is known as the "Maestro of the duduk".

Maestro Djivan has worked with famous artists like Brian Eno, David Sylvian, Peter Gabriel and Michael Brook, and has created music for several Hollywood soundtrack films, including 'The Siege' and 'Gladiator'.

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