Dream Koshi Chimes


Beautifull wind chimes hand made in France with soft sound in various tune.

Koshi Chimes
Dream Koshi Chimes

Shipping and Delivery

Dream Koshi Chimes via Deutsche Post from Germany. Delivery time EU: 5-14 days, WORLD: 5-20 days
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FAQs about Effects Instruments

What is the origin of Dream Koshi Chimes?
Origin of Dream Koshi Chimes is France

What is the tuning of Dream Koshi Chimes?
Instrument tuned to: Aqua, Aria, Ignis, Terra

What materials used for creating Dream Koshi Chimes?
Dream Koshi Chimes made of: Bamboo, Bronze, Glass

I have a question about Effects Instruments , how can I find more information and tips how to play this instrument?
You can visit our Discuss board to find answers about Dream Koshi Chimes and ask your question. Our team will try to help you further to get more info.