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Apprendre à jouer du Udu avec JP Batailley

Pour débutants avertis ou ayant le sens du rythme, Jean Paul Batailley avec les udu drums de l’Atelier terre et son montre plusieurs rythmes et façons d’aborder le udu drum en exploitant les similitudes sonores du udu avec les tablas de l’Inde. Jean Paul a travaillé le tabla avec un maitre hindou pendant plusieurs année, […]

Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra

Since co-founding the unstoppable musical style of Afrobeat almost 50 years ago, master drummer Tony Allen has recorded dozens of albums, both solo and with everyone from Damon Albarn to Zap Mama. Now, he’s teamed up with some of Haiti’s finest, including musicians from Lakou Mizik and Yizra’El Band, forming supergroup Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra. Their […]

ETHNO WORLD 5 Duduk – Quick Tutorial

EW5 PRO & VOICES is powered by the KONTAKT Sample Player and contains more than 240 professionally recorded ethnic instruments and more than 18.000 high quality samples in the following categories: Bowed Instruments, Stringed Instruments, Woodwind & Brass, Key Instruments, Bell Type Instruments, Metal Type Instruments, World Drums, World Percussion, Gongs & Bowls and the […]

EastWest Ra Duduks vs. EastWest Silk Duduk

Here is a video demonstration of the sound difference between East West’s Ra Duduks (Armenian, Bulgarian and Turkish) and East West’s Silk Armenian Duduk. If you are purchasing either one solely for the Duduk, I recommend Silk. Forgive my playing. I’m no pianist. Hopefully this helps any of you who’re wondering which package has the […]

Daul Bendir 22 inches plastic frame drum

Introducing new Bendir made of plastic by Orestis. Big bendir 22″. Bendir originaly comes from Middle. Widely used in North Africa (Tunis, Marocco, Egypt etc).Today it became quite popular instrument all over the world.It is used in Armenia too. Frame made of pine tree, width 11.5 cm. (aprx 4.5″) Top-plastic with metallic ring. Decorated with […]