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Ethnic Music Instruments Research

Meditation: Is there a good online resource for vedic/Hindu techniques?

If you’re interested in a more Hindu-inspired approach, kundalini, energy practices, or the combination of the techniques you might run into in a yoga class with meditation and a broader philosophical system, seems to be a good resource, and /r/kundalini is working on building up a library of experience. If you feel like your […]

What is the hardest musical instrument to play?

Every instrument is difficult. Even the simplest of things like a frame drum or penny whistle can be difficult. But I think one of the most difficult to learn is the uilleann pipes. Liam O’Flynn, one of the great pipers, once said, “The old pipers used to say that it takes twenty-one years to make […]

Origin of Persian traditional music

The history of musical development in Iran dates back to the prehistoric era. King Jamshid of Persia, a mythological figure of Shahnameh, is credited with the “invention” of music. Fragmentary documents from various periods of the country’s history establish that the ancient Iranians possessed an elaborate musical culture. Archaeological evidence reveals musical instruments that were […]

Armenian musical instruments part 1

Armenian musical instruments

Armenian music instruments are important part of Armenian culture today and during centuries. Armenians have impressive, unique folklore, music and traditions. In this article, I will try to introduce the most important music instruments which performed Armenian people during ages. Armenians have their very old traditions of folk music and traditions . Armenian say, their […]

Introduction to Armenian Folk Instruments

In ancient and medieval Armenia, as in Armenia today, Armenian instruments played a tremendous role, particularly in the formation of a specially Armenian artistic culture. In this process, the instruments themselves evolved, changing in parallel with the evolution of the culture. What we call folk instruments is an undivided part of Armenia’s culture heritage. As […]