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AlBuy Zeryab oud Ali Khalifeh are a notable name in the Arabic ouds world; any performer will realize that name exceptionally well. The family are building awesome instruments since 1948, highest quality ouds for a fast growing audience in Syria and around the world.  Today, despite the fact that the troublesome circumstance in Syria, the family continues doing the thing they do the best – building ouds. Under the new name Ziryab ouds, they construct wide assortment of ouds in a scope of styles and costs.

At Zeryab ouds you will find use of advanced technologies with traditional ornaments and rosetta design. High quality of raw material such as Ebony, walnut, cedar and spruce make the ouds sound outstanding. More over, all of Zeryab Syrian ouds are equipped with a unique mechanism: Truss Rod. This allows the musician to set his desired string action and customize the comfort and sound of the oud.

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